Frequently Asked Questions About the DD214

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Why Should I Choose GET YOUR DD214 Instead of Just Requesting My DD214 Directly From the National Archives?

With our services, you don’t have to download, print, sign, and fax your request. You may go to our website and submit your order using the e-signature technology on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. We will then line up at the records repository and manually coordinate your order.

You don’t have to worry about your request being passed on to the government’s call center. With us, it is easy to track your order, without hold times and inconclusive answers usually associated with our government counterparts.

How Long Will the Process Take?

There is no definite time frame on when the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) would respond to our request. It would depend on the availability of the records and their workload.

For separation documents, such as the DD214, the process takes about 10 days 92% of the time. Meanwhile, it may take at least six months to complete requests that involve reconstruction efforts as a result of the 1973 fire, as well as to retrieve older records that need extensive search efforts.

Can I Request a DD214?

If you are a military veteran or the next of kin of a deceased, former member of the military, then you can request military service records, such as the DD214. The next of kin can be any of the following:

  • Surviving Spouse Who Has Not Remarried
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Brother

Until When Can I Access These Documents?

The records are accessible to the public within 62 years after the service member’s separation from the military. After that period, the documents are accessioned into the National Archives.

What Information Should I Provide?

You must include some basic information with your request so we can locate your service records. These include the following:

  • The Veteran’s Complete Name Used While in Service
  • Branch of Service
  • Date and Place of Birth (Especially if the Service Number Is Unknown)
  • Dates of Service
  • Service Number
  • Social Security Number

If you suspect that your records were involved in the 1973 fire, please also provide the following:

  • Last Unit of Assignment
  • Place of Discharge
  • Place of Entry Into the Service, if Known

Keep in mind that the veteran or the next of kin must sign all requests. For the next of kin of a deceased veteran, you must also include the following as proof of death:

  • Death Certificate
  • Letter From Funeral Home
  • Published Obituary

Should I Include Other Information With My Request?

We recommend including the following optional information to help our staff understand and fulfill your request:

  • Reason for the Request – This may include application for veterans’ benefits, preparation for retirement, or research of your personal military history.
  • Deadlines Related to Your Request – We will strive to meet your due dates. This includes having to provide proof of military service by a specific date when applying for benefits such as the VA-guaranteed Home Loan.
  • Other Specific Information, Documents, or Records You Require From Your Official Military Personnel File Other Than the DD214 – Please see the Special Notice to Veterans and Family Members about requests for copies of military personnel and medical files to learn more.